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The ICI is located at:30115 Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores, MI 48082

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It is your donations that keep the place running, and any donations regardless of its amount can help to keep the place running.
Friday Prayers is at 1:45 pm
The Islamic Cultural Institute is a non profit, independent organization which was established in the year of more...

We are pleased to announce to you that the first day of Ramadan is going to be Saturday June 28th.
First day of Tarwaeeh at ICI will be on Friday June 27th right after Ishaa prayer.
Ishaa and Taraweeh prayers will be held at ICI every day in Ramadan led By our Imam sheikh Muhammad Musa.
Inshaa Allah, we will have a collective catered Iftar every saturday at ICI sponsored by our community members.
Please consider participating in the Iftar program at ICI. You can sponsor any number at $10/person.
Ramadan Kareem

Our fundraising event on July 3rd insha allah This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the ongoing activities at our beloved organization and to keep it open for many years to come.
Tickets are $25 per person
Where: Troy community center located at : 3179 Livernois Rd, Troy, MI 48083 ICI Board


Meet our Imam

Imam Musa Sheikh Mohamed Musa brings with him an extensive knowledge of the community in Michigan. Sheikh musa will have a regular Halaqah to teach Quran and Fiqh every friday from 8-9 at ICI, and a lecture on Saturday of every week at ICI inshaa Allah from 8:30-9:30pm

Weekly Events

  1. Friday: Jumaa Prayers at 1:45 pm
  2. Friday: Basketball for youth from 7:30-9:30 pm
  3. Halaqa for men on Fridays from 8:00 to 9:00 pm, and for ladies from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Followed by Sports activities for men (volleyball) till midnight. 
  4. Weekly Potluck: we gather every Saturday, contact us to get more information.
  5. Saturday School (Iman School) during fall and spring seasons.
Please be informed that these are the only times that the mosque is open, otherwise, a member of the board must be present in order to occupy the mosque.

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Donate to ICI


We have added a convenient way to donate to ICI, you can now donate online to ICI using paypal and you can pay by credit card. The Islamic Cultural Institute has been relying on your donaiotns to support:
  1. Weekdays activities: daily prayers are held inside the mosque by emam Shams el-Deen.
  2. Weekends activites: Friday night program and Saturday potlucks
  3. Maintenance:every old place needs maintenance, and it cost a lot to fix small issues.
It is your donations that keep the place running, and any donations regardless of its amount can help to keep the place running.

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Great Doaa By Sheck El Sharawy(May allah bless him)


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